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DECOLIFT Art TV Lift System – Notices

  • The DECOLIFT is a universal electronic art TV lift with universal TV mount and art panel mount into a single unit with wire management tracking and computer control systems built in. The complete system is manufactured for us in England by Future Automation Sound & Vision Limited.
  • AV interior design, TV mount and art lift installers interested in becoming a regional dealer are welcome to  write to us at the above address. DECOLIFT Art TV Lift Systems can also supply alternative off-the-shelf and custom made products, including surface and in-wall TV lift and under-bed TV lift systems, manufactured for us by Future Automation Sound & Vision Limited. Please contact us with any questions you have regarding any TV and art lift products required.
  • The DECOLIFT’s electronic linear actuator (Linak), computerised engine management and unit control system are integrated and it is operated on dual-phase power supply. So the unit will operate in most countries outside the UK though users are asked to verify compatibility this before using any TV lift or art lift product anywhere outside the UK.
  • The universal TV mount built into the system conforms to VESA standard specifications and this will accept televisions and flat screen displays manufactured which have been checked by the companies listed below.

Art TV System