Hidden TV Questions

How is the DECOLIFT Art TV Lift operated?
The DECOLIFT controlled by infa-red remote control. A manual switch is also available. One button-press extends the hidden TV down to the pre-programmed extension. The latest DL-675 uses an advanced processor to offer a svelte soft-start/dampened-stop movement and a seamless connection option to a third party network control system, such as Crestron, Lutron or Control 4.

What sizes of TV panel can this Hidden TV system accommodate?
The DECOLIFT system will fit most TV panels. Its multi-VESA bracket will accommodate almost all the TV of brands listed below, subject to a weight restriction of 25 kg - sufficient for most LED displays from 32″ to 55″. There is no TV size restriction as such. Nor is there any restriction on the size of painting or artwork you may display at the time.

What art can be mounted?
The system will let you retro-fit of any work of art, craft, picture framed painting or mirror: in fact, any craft panel which is flat on one side. The art or craft simply has to cover the TV and be slightly wider (by circa 4cm) in order to hide the external side-supports and be slightly taller (by circa 2 cm) to cover the space between the top point of the hidden TV panel and top point of the DECOLIFT where the built-in picture hook is housed.

How is the DECOLIFT Art TV Lift system installed?
The unit can screw direct into a solid wall. No wall recess is required. The system includes a built-in wire tracking system. This is ‘oversized’ and should accommodate any the future TV power, HDMI and other cables you are ever likely to need.

What are this Hidden TV system’s weight and measurements?
The DECOLIFT weights exactly 27 kg. It measures 50 cm wide, 60 cm high and has a wall profile of 9.75 cm.

Can the unit be mounted upside down?
Yes provided the plane of travel is vertical and it remains perfectly straight.

Can the DECOLIFT be mounted inside a yacht?
Yes provided it is not used in swell or any rough condition to induce a lateral force on the telescopic column.

What is the maximum TV extension?
675 mm. This extension can be reset easily. Simply drive the TV down to the desired default position by pressing and keeping pressed the (‘Out’) handset button, then let go; then press (‘Store’) and the new default (auto-stop) position is now set. Thereafter simply press the (‘Out’) or (‘In’) button once and the TV will extend automatically to and from the auto-stop position.

My TV has a sound bar (or a ‘bulb shape’ at the lower end of the TV). How does the DECOLIFT handle this?
The system can accommodate a lower sound bar or bulb shaped TV panel. The sound bar will reside below, tucked back and just beneath the DECOLIFT VESA TV bracket. So the TV may be mounted just as if the panel is uniformly flat all the way down. We also supply a TV speaker mounting kit to allow you to hide a separate sound bar speaker along with the TV.

What is the gap between the wall and TV?
The surface wall profile is 975 mm. Two sets of permanent-fix and free-hanging picture supports are supplied. Both  adjustable so you can minimise the distance of the profile from the wall, subject to the profile of the TV hidden behind the art work.

Do you offer an installation service ?  
For a pass-through charge we may offer installation in London and the South East although as a wall mounted system, installation will be well within the capacity of most certified CEDIA or other AV-TV installers.

Do you supply other products?
We supply an alternative TV Lift product: the Picture Lift (PL500) which is manufactured by Future Automation. Additionally we can source specific models of televisions sets, AV systems and Hi-Fi separates belonging to the brands highlighted below.

Can you supply art?  
On request, we can supply you with reproduction Giclée canvas paintings, art panels and framed pictures produced by EasyArt and Bridgeman Art Library, with examples in our Gallery Page. Alternatively, we may refer you to EasyArt and Bridgeman direct or you may visit their excellent websites. N.B. Remember to measure-up to ensure the art panel is 4 cm wider and 2 cm taller than the TV panel you want to hide.

What is the delivery time? 
When this TV Lift system is in stock delivery is possible within two weeks.

What is included with the consignment?

The DECOLIFT Art TV Lift system includes a comprehensive equipment list which consists of
- integrating wall-mounted exo-chassis, including surface electronics, switches and terminals
- integrated telescopic linear actuator
- integrated UK power supply [dual phase (120v/240v) also available]
- integrated computer control box with RJ45 port
- detachable infa-red receiver eye
- detachable picture hook
- integrated VESA TV bracket
- integrated moving cable management system

External items supplied:
- plugged RJ45 lead
- plugged mains power lead (UK, 2.5 m)
- TV VESA bolts and spacers kit (M6 and M8 screw gauge)
- infra-red remote handset [lead manual switch also available]
- twin [-shaped wall brackets (to secure the artwork or mirror in place)
- twin L-shaped wall bracket (to support free-hanging art hung from the picture hook)
- product installation and programming instructions.

Not supplied:
- screws or bolts to wall-mount DECOLIFT.
- manual switch (various options)

Can you send more technical information? 
We can send spare technical drawings and usage instructions on request.

How is the DECOLIFT supplied?

DECOLIFT is a registered trademark of Mainline Trading Limited, the designer, manufacturer and distributer of the DECOLIFT Art TV-Lift system. The latest system is made built in England and supplied by DECOLIFT direct.

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