Art & Mirror TV System

Legal Notice

All patents and other intellectual property relating to the DECOLIFT Art TV Lift or Mirror TV System are owned by the DECOLIFT TV Lift System and the system is manufactured in England for DECOLIFT by Future Automation Sound and Vision Limited.

The copying, reproduction or transmission, electronically or by any other means, of any design or system evident, identified or implied within this web site and/or in any promotional or other technical material related to the System or its designs is strictly prohibited without prior and written consent.

If you wish to report an intellectual property infringement or, alternatively, if you have a relevant design of your own which you would like our consent to help you to move forward with, please write to our General Council us in the first instance.

You may write to us at the address below and e-mail a copy of all correspondance to

6 Elystan Place
London SW3 3LF

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